If you’ve made it this far, I’ll give you a little history.

First thing you may have noticed is that the site has an unusual domain name.
(no-ip.org) The reason for this is because it is a test or development site
and is not yet registered for normal public traffic.

In order to register the website with a normal domain name that would end
with a traditional .com, .org or .net, etc, requires purchasing a FQDN
(fully qualified domain name) from a domain registrar.
This normally costs about $20 per year.

I always use WordPress software, running on a LAMP server.
(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) This provides good performance & security
and makes the website easy to maintain by the owner/administrator.

Examples of websites I have helped build and host.

Knife River Care Center
Energy Capital Cooperative Child Care
Mohl Drilling
Mercer County Museum
Nancy’s Designs
Concordia Lutheran Church
Recipes from Concordia
Beulah Police Dept.
Solem Law Offices
Basin Auto Parts – NAPA
Downtown Gas & Auto Repair
Made by Tricia
Emerald Specter
Across the Miles
Defender of Computers
The Computer Guy

Here are a few projects I’m currently working on.

Zap Sportsman’s Club
Zip to Zap 50th Anniversary
High Plains Concepts
West River Realty
J-S Sanitation